You are an actor and you want to book your dream role, but these days you are finding it harder to have the patience to wait for it! Or, you are not willing to spend days going on audition after audition and getting rejected over and over again!  Can you relate to this?

If so, Write Your Own Work!  Now a days, because of the internet, actors can create their own work.

In 2009, I did this!  I co-wrote a play with Brad Gottfred called:  Marry, F*** or Kill.  I IMG_9872then went on to co-produce/direct and star in the show at The Avery Schreiber Theater in Los Angeles where we experienced a sold out run!  Because of our over night success, I then went on to NYC and produced the show Off Broadway for a successful 4 month run!  I then realized I would always write my own work.  I found a talent in writing that I never knew existed until I dabbled in it and fell in love with the process.

You can do this too!  You want to act now:  Create Your Own Work:

A.  Produce your own play!  Find a script that you love, and produce it at a local theater.

B.  Write your own play!  If you need help doing this:  register for my online playwriting class called:  LET’S WRITE A PLAY:  The First Draft.

C.  Write your own screenplay or webisode, and then film it!

Here are some inspirational Stories of Actors I personally know who Created Their Own Opportunities!

  1.  Candace Guardino has a successful show that has ran in NYC, Los Angeles andIMG_9869 now Chicago called  ITALIAN BRED, a hysterical comedy about growing up with a New York, Italian Family.  Guardino  based her story on true life events and plays every character in her family in this impressive one woman show!  Check out her article “HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN WORK” in Backstage and read about Guardino’s secrets to writing!   If you are in Chicago, check out ITALIAN BRED!

2. Heather Dowling, creator of  “Unemployed. Finally. is the story of a woman IMG_9870who tried on more than 30 jobs, in 30 years before finally doing what everyone said she couldn’t. As Heather Dowling says, she is an actress and writer who impersonated someone who wanted a “real job” since she was 14. She has now surrendered to her passion for writing and performing. In her show, she dishes the dirt about the odd jobs and oddballs she’s encountered along her journey – bringing to life 39 different characters.”  Dowling said, “I learned that telling your story, with honesty and humor, really can make a difference for people. I was amazed at how many people loved the show because they could relate in ways I never expected. That’s what I had hoped for, but I was overwhelmed by the response.”  Dowling’s show was so exceptional and well received in Los Angeles, that she went on to NYC and ran her show Off Broadway.  I had the opportunity to work with Heather when she first arrived to Los Angeles and auditioned for CLUE, which I was directing and producing. I remember her being extremely honest with me about her lack of experience, but that did not stop me for casting her in the role of Mrs. White in CLUE!  I saw a light in her and a passion that sparked which interested me and made me want to work with her!  Since then, she has gone on to accomplish so much!  I am thrilled by her success.

3.  Stacy Ann Raposa, the creator of a Solo Performance class called Bare Naked Angels, IMG_9871“…a four-month discovery process during which she guides actors through writing assignments and exercises in order to teach them how to create their own autobiographical pieces.”  I had the opportunity to take part in Stacy’s show back in 2008 and it was transformational.  Stacy guides her performers in daily writing exercise in which they submit to her weekly.  After 12 weeks, Stacy takes each performer’s writing and weaves together their personal stories to create a unified show!  It is a riveting experience for all!

I hope these 3 talented and fearless women can inspire you to go out there and Create Your Own Work!  We all have a story, and no one has heard yours yet!  So, what are you waiting for?  For coaching on Creating Your Own Work:  Consider working with me as I guide you on how to develop your own work- at . 


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