The performing ARTS COACH-2               

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar




Right now, not later, you should do a Google search for acting classes in your area.  Do your research and start to consider what classes best fit your needs. Is there a specific technique you want to learn?  Is there a teacher you really want to work with?  If there are no classes appealing to you in the city where you live, no need to worry.  Go online and search for an online acting coach or online acting class.  Fortunately, technology has put acting classes right onto our computer screens.  Once you select your class, make a commitment to stick with it for 6 months.  After 6 months, if you feel the teacher and/or class is the right fit for your goals stick with it, or move on to the next.  But sign up for one today!  Do the research and make a commitment to train.  The greatest actors still continue their training way after their successes.  It is part of the job!

2. Build Your Personal BRAND and Create your Own Personal ACTOR’S WEBSITE! 

You can start showcasing the best you…TODAY!  How?  It’s easy!  By signing up for a website hosting service and designing your site.  This webpage will give you the opportunity to showcase what you do have right now to begin selling yourself as a brand!  There are tons of free blog sites you can find to help you start this.  Do not get caught up in getting this perfect.  You have plenty of time for that.  But do create it today!

3.  Create your SOCIAL MEDIA SITES:

Open up your Facebook, Twitter, Instragram  pages and whatever else is out there. Once you do that, now you can be active by sharing things about yourself and communicating with industry members in your field.  I cannot tell you how many actors make connections online with other actors, agents, directors and related industry members.  You can create your social media sites today and update them as you build your career!


Now, pencil in 1 hour every day that you dedicate to your acting business.  That’s right- 1 hour every day and commit to it.  They don’t call this show business for nothin’.  This is a business and that means it requires consistent efforts on your part to build. Now select 1 hour every day and then be prepared to work on: setting up auditions, reaching out to potential agents, working out, reading books on acting, eating healthy, watching plays,films and television shows, etc. Your job is to actively learn the business! Schedule 1 hour per day, and do it right NOW!

5.  Build your acting library and READ!

Order books today for your acting career.  Books I believe every actor should read include:  “Sanford Meisner on Acting”written by Sanford Meisner and Dennis Longwell

The Art Of Acting by Stella Adler.

“Audition” by Michael Shurtleff

“Respect for Acting” by Uta Hagen

“An Actor Prepares” by Constantin Stanislavsky.

These books will help you learn about what to expect as an actor. Now that you bought them- start reading one, today!

6.  Create a LIST of all the essential materials you will need to prepare to start your career.

Here is what your list should include:

getting headshot taken

creating an acting resume

creating a cover letter

creating a business card.

putting together a portfolio that contains your heashots, resume, cover letter and  business card- in one organized place. 


7.  Find an AGENT!

Begin your research today.  Start with googling Franchised SAG agents.  Once you start your research, create a list and begin marking down the ones you may be interested in working with.  Then, pull out your calendar and schedule specific times to send out your portfolio and set up meetings with potential agents.

8.  Make CONNECTIONS through EXTRA work!

One of the many great ways to do this is by signing up to do extra work.  Not only will you get paid, but it will allow you to connect with industry professionals.  Sign up today for Central Casting or Extras Management and start booking extra gigs.  But do it TODAY!

9.  Get yourself out there on CASTING SITES!

You can do this quickly and immediately.  Actually, I encourage you to do this today.  It’s easy.  To start, right now go and  sign up for:  Actors Access , LA Casting , and Now Casting .  These sites are not the only sites, but they are three good ones to start off with.  They all list big projects, but also list any student films and plays which are more likely to consider new, inexperienced actors like you.  So, sign up for an account today. Then, keep updating your profile with professional photos once you take them and add any new credits as you book them.  Just like that, today, you are getting yourself out there.  Also today, schedule a time in your calendar dedicated to submitting yourself to every project you are right for.  That’s right, every project- no matter how big or small.  If you land a student film, you have just added a credit to your resume! Also, going on every audition you get will give you experience.


Volunteering is a great way to create opportunities. Volunteer for your local theater company or intern for a theatre producer.  Volunteer on a student film and learn. Be willing to help for Free and watch how many doors you can open.  One way to do this today is by doing a google search on volunteer opportunities in theatre, film and television in your local community.  Or reach out to people you are connected with on social media.  Then, find a way your skills can help them on their current project and volunteer your time.  When I first moved to Los Angeles and discovered that I was more interested in being a director than an actress, I began volunteering to assist directors in theatrical productions.  I began assisting at auditions and signing actors in.  Then, I started helping them at rehearsals and taking notes for them.  I also did all their clerical work and would help them devise rehearsal schedules.  I volunteered so much that I created my own free education in directing.  When it came time for me to direct my own show, I had enough experience and knowledge to be respected and confident!  So volunteer in any way you can!  It is an education!The performing ARTS COACH-2


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