“The only failure is not to try.”  George Clooney

This past June, I sat through the first round of auditions in NYC for my play:  “You Love That I’m NOT Your Wife”, opening this November 2017 in NYC!  I am very excited about this!

YouLove_FB_profileAfter seeing over hundreds of actors, here is my first list of:                              3 Audition Don’ts:

  1. Do not make too much Small Talk

The casting directors are seeing tons of actors on any given audition day. Do not make them waste their time talking to you about your life, what you have on your plate, or how you relate to the character you are reading for.  Greet them and then go straight to your audition.  That is why you are there- to show them you are right for the role. That’s it!  This also shows confidence!

2.   Do NOT say “Sorry”

Do not say sorry for messing up a line, or starting over.  When given a note, do not apologize for not doing it that way from the start.  Just be willing and confident.

3.  Do NOT forget to bring your Headshot and Resume!

Casting directors will more likely remember you if they have your picture in front of them.  If they liked you, but did not take great notes and do not have your picture on hand, it makes their job harder.  Be professional and always have a few copies on you.

And don’t forget to keep on auditioning!

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”  Steve Martin


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