“Don’t let yesterday use too much of today.”  Will Rogers   IMG_1037

Do you have a hard time accepting the things you cannot control? Or letting go of a past that no longer serves you?

Welcome to the NOT LETTING GO Club!

When it comes to your career as an artist, the art of letting go of all the things we cannot control- so that we can focus on all the the things we do have power over – requires a balancing act.

Try this little Activity:

Grab a pen and get a piece of paper.  IMG_1038

On the left hand side of the page, write down all the things in your life and in your career you have no control over.  (these should be things that pop into your brain often.)

Then, on the right hand side, write down all the things you do have control over.  Now, fold the paper in half, and just focus on the right hand side.  The left hand side requires a willingness on your part to LET GO.  

“When you LET GO you create space for something better.”  TinyBuddha.com

Now ask yourself this:                                                                                                                                   If you could use your energy towards reaching your Goal, what is that GOAL?  Actually write it out!

For example: I want to write my own screenplay; I want to be cast as a leading role in a play; I want direct a television show; I want to get an agent- etc, etc. etc.

After you have completed these questions- focus your thoughts on this:                                      What steps do you need to take to make positive progress or changes in your life in order to achieve this goal?  Now write these all down.

Finally, what is one small step that you can take TODAY to get started with that?IMG_1039  Sometimes it may just look like you registering for a class, or starting a social media account.  Whatever it is, just do it!

Do not be surprised if the act of ‘letting go’ requires you to consciously let go again and again every day!  If you are anything like me, distracted by your own inner voice, you may have to let go over and over again.  But who cares, you can still just LET GO– and create space for all the things you can control.  You have a choice in what thoughts you allow to control your energy.  And, if it is hard to do it on your own, than enroll a person who has your best interest at hand to help you!



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