HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2018 is about YOU:   Finding your “IT” Factor!

     “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”Theodore Roosevelt

I am writing this blog from my small and cluttered West Village, NYC apartment on New Year’s Eve at exactly 9:03am.  I have a wicked cold!  It’s awful.  All I want to do is blow my nose and lay on my couch beside my cuddly dog Skype, as the idea of going outside in this 10 degree weather is taxing for me.  My Christmas Tree is still looking fresh and sparkly, making me want to savor every last bit of it’s magic, knowing that in a few days we will be throwing it and all it’s beauty away.  And life goes on…

I look at the day before the New Year begins as one of personal reflection.  What did I do in 2017?  Was there anything I wanted to do that I didn’t?  Why didn’t I do it?  Who did I hurt?  Who did I help?  Where did I lack integrity?  What am I most proud of?  What do I want to let go of?  What do I want to hang onto?  What part of me did I leave the year with?  Who do I want to be in the New Year?  

As I answer these questions, I can’t help but think of my clients.  I work with many different people from all over the country on developing their skills as a performer/speaker.  My work allows me to work with students as young as 5 years old all the way up to actors, directors, entrepreneurs, chefs, writers, lawyers, life coaches and fitness professionals.  One thing that all these clients have in common is they want me to help them get out of their head so they can communicate authentically and freely.  Basically they all want to express themselves with power.  They all have different skill sets, different levels of experience, and even different needs.   However, one common thing they all share is a struggle when it comes to answering or being able to get clear on –Who they are!  Who are you?  What can you and only you bring to the table that will leave those you interact with inspired?

I suggest to anyone reading this, especially if you are one of my clients, to answer my little New Year’s reflection above.  Being an effective performer is about getting clear on who you are so that you can connect with your audiences in a way where they can understand what it is that you- and only YOU- bring to the table.  Being yourself is where your power lies and then sharing it with others is where the magic is!

Your “IT” factor needs to be released in 2018!  But first, in order to do this, you need to identify what it is NOW that is holding you back.  I know there are things right now, today- that holds you back from shining.  For me, right now at this very moment, it is that I have too much crap in my NYC apartment.  It’s also my wicked cold and my naughty holiday indulgences that kept me from going off my normal healthy food routine and away from the gym.  It’s my excuses.  Yes, I have many.  Why write my book when my apartment needs to be cleaned?  Why work on my accounting when I can be on social media and get lost in someone else’s world? 

We already know what we need to do to get what we want in life! No one needs to tell you what it is.  You want to lose weight- then eat right and go to the gym.  See, we know it!  But, why do we fail when we already know what to do?  Why do so many of us wake up NOT being the person we say we want to be?

It’s simple:  We stop taking the necessary actions we need in order to get the results we want.

Today, cold and all, I will take my first action.  I will go through every item in my apartment.  If I have not used it in 2017- it must be donated.  Being the best me requires me to be responsible for all the things that get in my way.  I know what they are already, and so do you!

What do you need to clean out?  What people?  What hobbies?  What indulgences?  What thoughts?  What things?

I offer you all a NEW YEAR gift to help us on this fabulous journey, a fresh start, into 2018!

I am offering you a free 4 week online course:


Each Wednesday, anyone who is interested in working on GETTING OUT OF THEIR HEAD and GETTING INTO THEIR WORK should join!

Are you  interested in exploring:

Why am I not being who I say I am committed to being?  

What is getting in my way?  

How can I finally get the results I want?

Have you been dealing with your life in a way where you feel you have no power in it?  Do you just take on life how it comes to you? 

If so, this course is designed for you!  You will share your stories, your fears, your excuses with the class.  And together, through a process of discussing, inspiring and unloading, you will enter 2018 with the motivation to take on the life you really want.   Together we will CREATE YOUR VISION.  Even for a moment, right now, start visualizing how you would like to be in 2018.  I will help you get specific on this road map.  We will train your brain so your thoughts can become your actions.  You can do this, I swear!  And together, we can help empower each other to do it.  Why do you think group fitness is so popular 😉

Course dates and times:

Wednesday, January 10th at 6pm PST

Wednesday, January 17th at 6pm PST

Wednesday, January 24th at 6pm PST

Wednesday, January 31st at 6pm PST

Note:  This class will only be FREE this January 2018!  Please do not wait to register as spaces are limited.  

To Register:

1.) Email:  theperformingartscoach@gmail.com

2.)  Subject Line:  please write:  “Registration for Finding Your IT Factor”

3.) Have a computer and download ZOOM

Once your registration is confirmed, you will be sent a welcome letter with class rules and material.  You will also be sent a Zoom Code.

It’s a New Year- meaning the possibility of a New You!  Together, let’s set ourselves up for a year of accomplished goals and a life we want to live!  And today, give yourself a personal compliment- something only you hear, but hear it loudly!  Self Compassion is where real change must start!

Here is to a fresh start- a New Year!  

Happy New Year Everyone!



It’s holiday time, which means we would all rather be eating cookies while sitting by the fire and singing our favorite Christmas Carols -over egg nog and holiday cheer of course!  But does that mean we still cannot END 2017 with power and integrity?

If you are reading this BLOG, it’s because you have at some point committed to being a performing artist or want to be one.  Therefore, really GET THIS

Most people are going to wait for The New Year to arrive to start trying to accomplish their goals.  Gyms will be packed, acting classes will be full and everyone will be excited to make their New Year resolutions happen- right?  And then February comes, and we go back to our same old ways waiting for yet another year to pass, hoping and hoping that we can make something happen.

Pilot Season is around the corner- which means – you should be audition ready no later than December 24th, 2017 if you want to be a part of the magic this year!

Here are some rules to FOLLOW to end 2017 POWERFULLY!

RULE #1:  “DOING” IS THE MAGIC WORD!  No one ever paid their mortgage from HOPING!  Hope is not a powerful word.  Instead, replace “HOPE” with “DO!”  I cannot tell you how many times I hear aspiring artists so they HOPE to be working!  Hope away- I can guarantee you will be hoping forever!

RULE #2:  CONSISTENT HARD WORK!  It’s the only way.  There are no Short Cuts to making your goals happen.  If you want to be a working artist, then you need to work on your craft every day.  No one got abs of steel from working out once a month and eating everything and anything they want.  If you know someone who does, send them my way so I can learn their secret.

RULE #3:  ACCEPT REALITY!  You cannot commit to your art without accepting the reality of it first.  It’s incredibly competitive this field we are in.  Which is why NOT everyone can do it.  BUT if you are NOT everyone- then you have a shot!   But first you have to accept the reality of this and be prepared to face both the competition involved and the inevitable rejection.  You may not be hired for months, or even years before you get your first paid gig.  Accept that- and spend your time improving your craft, while finding work in another area you love.  You are not a super human- you will be discouraged, tired and question yourself.  Accept that and do your best to maintain a healthy ego.  Accept that if there is something else out there that you could do other than act- than you should do it.  And, if you can’t accept that- then you are meant to be an actor- and this my friends is a 24 hour -7 days a week job.

Is it harder for you NOT to act?  If so- then what are you waiting for?

Contact me if you want career guidance or acting coaching: performingartscoach@gmail.com

ALSO:  Buy that special someone a gift certificate for PRIVATE ACTING LESSONS- visit http://www.theperformingartscoach.com for details!


How to START your Acting Career Already!

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

I love the quote above.  As an acting coach, who teaches many beginning actors just starting their careers, I find that I spend a lot time trying to get my clients to start auditioning. I am constantly asking them this question:  “When are you going to audition?”  or this one- “When are you going to start finding an agent?”

Getting my actors to study is the easy part of my job.  But getting them out there in the world of auditions is where I, as a coach, am faced with a challenge.

“The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.”
W. M. Lewis

Why are so many actors not ready to get STARTED?

“Most important is that when you’re making the decision to pursue acting, you consciously jump in! You can’t just dip your toes in the pool—you have to go all-in, no backups. If you really want to give yourself a shot at working/success, this is imperative.”  Anthony Meindl, L.A.-based acting coach

  1. OVERTHINKING                                                                                                        Artists can get in their heads, just as much as anyone could.  Overthinking this whole acting career can be a curse.  There is no prescribed formula on how to become an actor.  Sometimes, you just have to go out there and do it!  Imagine when you learned how to drive.  If you just studied how to drive from a book and then thought about driving and parallel parking, you would never really know how to drive- would you?  Consider acting like driving a car.  You have to actually get in the car, turn it on and take on the road.

 2.  LACK OF TIME                                                                                                                       Most of my clients have to work.  Many have 9-5 jobs- so it is understandable that time is a factor.  But don’t let time be your excuse if acting is really what you want to take on.  Manage your time better.  Pencil your acting career steps into your calendars and actually commit to the task you assign yourself.  Anything is possible if you make it your mission to do it!

3.  ANXIETY                                                                                                                                      I get it!  It causes anxiety to start something new- especially a career like acting where rejection is inevitable.  Many quit because the rejection is intolerable.  However, recreate what rejection is in this game.  Rejection is part of the process, it is not something to take personal. Also, being as prepared as you can will alleviate anxiety.  Have your acting portfolio ready to go:  headshot, resume, reel.  Also, always be 15 minutes early to every audition so that you can confidently show up and prepare the material assigned.

“Battles are always won at the start, so start at the beginning. Don’t get lost in the end game—the agents, the stardom, the bookings, the awards, etc. Start by taking every opportunity to act for its own sake—in class, in a play, in something you shoot on your own. When you do that consistently, the business reveals itself. We know this to be true and see it happen all the time!” Steve Braun and Risa Bramon Garcia, The BGB Studio



“Don’t let yesterday use too much of today.”  Will Rogers   IMG_1037

Do you have a hard time accepting the things you cannot control? Or letting go of a past that no longer serves you?

Welcome to the NOT LETTING GO Club!

When it comes to your career as an artist, the art of letting go of all the things we cannot control- so that we can focus on all the the things we do have power over – requires a balancing act.

Try this little Activity:

Grab a pen and get a piece of paper.  IMG_1038

On the left hand side of the page, write down all the things in your life and in your career you have no control over.  (these should be things that pop into your brain often.)

Then, on the right hand side, write down all the things you do have control over.  Now, fold the paper in half, and just focus on the right hand side.  The left hand side requires a willingness on your part to LET GO.  

“When you LET GO you create space for something better.”  TinyBuddha.com

Now ask yourself this:                                                                                                                                   If you could use your energy towards reaching your Goal, what is that GOAL?  Actually write it out!

For example: I want to write my own screenplay; I want to be cast as a leading role in a play; I want direct a television show; I want to get an agent- etc, etc. etc.

After you have completed these questions- focus your thoughts on this:                                      What steps do you need to take to make positive progress or changes in your life in order to achieve this goal?  Now write these all down.

Finally, what is one small step that you can take TODAY to get started with that?IMG_1039  Sometimes it may just look like you registering for a class, or starting a social media account.  Whatever it is, just do it!

Do not be surprised if the act of ‘letting go’ requires you to consciously let go again and again every day!  If you are anything like me, distracted by your own inner voice, you may have to let go over and over again.  But who cares, you can still just LET GO– and create space for all the things you can control.  You have a choice in what thoughts you allow to control your energy.  And, if it is hard to do it on your own, than enroll a person who has your best interest at hand to help you!




It’s Monday!  This means we all need to buckle down, go to work and make things happen?  Right!  On some Mondays this may be the case, but for me, today- well, I kind of wish I could just stay in bed.  FullSizeRender

I am a writer… acting coach…theater director and a loyal dog owner.  I spend my days motivating people to do what it is they say they want to do and love.  Yet today I find myself needing that same kind of motivation.

Why is it that I sit here with my cup of coffee in hand, to do list on desk and empty rose bottle ( from the weekend, not my morning) on the floor, feeling anything other than inspired?

Is daily inspiration too much to ask for?

Here is the deal: even the most creative people run out of ideas from time to time.  This is part of the process, and I know this because I teach it!  “Teach what you need to learn!”  Right?

IMG_0565On these less than inspirational days, use your time to consult other sources outside yourself.  This will recharge your artistic battery.    I did this and it helped!

I spent sometime this morning going through quotes from some of the most inspirational people our world has seen.  I compiled a few them for you, so that you too can get inspired by these great minds who allowed their drive to propel them, even on those days when they did not want to get out of bed too.  The one thing they all have in common is: they stayed focused on their goal, no matter what it was. 

Let’s allow the following quotes to inspire our dreary day, so that we can actually do IMG_0561what it is we say we want to do.

Read these quotes anytime you are ready to make a choice today that will you pull you away from your goal.  Allow them to bring you towards it!

Hope this motivates you too.


“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it. -Estee Lauder

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

“I paint flowers so they will not die.” – Frida Kahlo

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent van Gogh

“It isn’t until the painter has no idea what he’s doing that he makes good paintings.” – Edgar Degas

“No artist tolerates reality.” – Nietzsche

“Don’t think about making art. Just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”                   -Andy Warhol

“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.”  -Michael Jordan

“Now tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe


3 Audition Don’ts

“The only failure is not to try.”  George Clooney

This past June, I sat through the first round of auditions in NYC for my play:  “You Love That I’m NOT Your Wife”, opening this November 2017 in NYC!  I am very excited about this!

YouLove_FB_profileAfter seeing over hundreds of actors, here is my first list of:                              3 Audition Don’ts:

  1. Do not make too much Small Talk

The casting directors are seeing tons of actors on any given audition day. Do not make them waste their time talking to you about your life, what you have on your plate, or how you relate to the character you are reading for.  Greet them and then go straight to your audition.  That is why you are there- to show them you are right for the role. That’s it!  This also shows confidence!

2.   Do NOT say “Sorry”

Do not say sorry for messing up a line, or starting over.  When given a note, do not apologize for not doing it that way from the start.  Just be willing and confident.

3.  Do NOT forget to bring your Headshot and Resume!

Casting directors will more likely remember you if they have your picture in front of them.  If they liked you, but did not take great notes and do not have your picture on hand, it makes their job harder.  Be professional and always have a few copies on you.

And don’t forget to keep on auditioning!

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”  Steve Martin


6 Mistakes Actors Make When Storytelling!

Are you wanting to book the next audition you go on?  Typewriter What is Your Story

Is that a YES I hear?   Well then it’s time to learn how to tell a story that engages your audience!

The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling.   Cecil B. DeMille

An actor’s job is to tell a story, and the way you tell it can be the difference of either costing you the part or getting you to book it.

Storytelling is an art!  People love great stories!  But since good storytelling is so hard to do, many actors fail at giving their audiences a memorable experience!

Here Are 6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Telling A Story, and Tips to Use to AVOID THEM!

1. Sharing Too Much Detail

This is a common mistake I see 90% of the time when an actor tells a story.  An actor needs to discipline themselves when sharing details because an audience will get bored quickly once you are giving them way more information than they need to know.  It is your job to feel their energy and sense their disconnect!  I am always amazed when someone is telling a story, that is going and on and on and on, without realizing they have lost their audience minutes ago!

TIP:  If your details are not absolutely necessary towards advancing your story- get rid of them!  We don’t need to hear it!  We are only interested in the important stuff that drives your story and gets us to care!  This takes discipline and awareness to know what to include and what to eliminate.  Remember:  Less detail is better- even for us Writers!

2. Making Excuses For Your Story Before You Even Begin Telling it!

 “My story is weird.”  “I am not sure this is a good story, but I am going to tell it anyway.”  “I am not sure this is the story you wanted, but…”  

TIP: Eliminate these excuses as you have already lost your audience when you begin this way.  It shows you have no confidence in your story! If you don’t  want to tell it, why should we want to listen to it?  Start strong, energetic, and be excited to share!

3.  Telling Us Instead of Showing Us!

Telling all the details and facts are not necessarily going to interest and transport us into the world of your story.  Simply stating what happened leads to mundane storytelling.

TIP:  Use sensory words instead!  Get us to taste, feel, see, hear and smell your world.  Show it to us, don’t just tell us about it.  Create a picture for us so that we can see it with you! Replace mundane words with evocative ones!

4.  Telling Your Story in Chronological Order!

Big mistake!  Huge!  I know you may want to argue me on this one, but it is much harder to captivate us when you start from the very beginning and take every little step to get to the end. It will honestly bore us.  A good story teller has a responsibility to organize the story so that it follows a path of meaning, not one of sequential order!

TIP:  Instead, start at the Key Moment!  Grab us right away!  All your steps are going to confuse us anyway,  and we probably won’t know where you are going with your story.  Just direct us right there from the start!  If you want to engage us, start with the best you got, and then keep making it better!

5.  Fear of Revealing What Your Audience Wants Most!

If you are telling us a story about you, which I hope you are, you may fail to give us what we really want!  Most storytellers do not want to show themselves in a bad light. Instead they show us why they are the hero or have been misunderstood.  Big Mistake!

Tip:  Do you really want to grab your audience and book the role at your next audition?  Don’t just show you at your best.  Be willing to show you at your worst!  If you cannot do this through your own personal storytelling, you will certainly struggle doing this when you play another character!  We go to the theatre and watch films to see human beings struggle and fail.  We are riveted by the stories you instinctively want to shy away from telling. But, those are the ones you should tell!  Those are the ones we really want to hear about!


Timing is so important to the art of story telling.  Some actors forget the importance of varying the pace and rhythm of their story.

TIP: Add a pause!   When?  Before the most important part of your story is revealed.  Right before you get to how the problem is solved, add a pause or beat. This will fill your audience with expectations and excitement as they wait for what you will say next.  Also, be sure to vary the pace and tone of your story.  Use your voice in different ways to avoid being monotone. And use your pauses powerfully!

Want to Master the Art of Storytelling?

IMG_0018                       Then, try the implementing the 6 tips above.
Also, make sure to structure your story into 3 clear parts.

THE BEGINNING:  This is where you set up your story and give your  audience just enough context. Set it up by telling us where and when it takes place.  If you do not set it up where we understand what is happening, you will lose us- your audience.  But don’t bombard your  audience with so many details either.  Remember, less is more!
THE MIDDLE:  This is where the problem is introduced.  How are you  going to get your audience hooked by the conflict of your story?     First, you must make clear what the problem is.  Then, you have to   show why your protagonist has to really overcome this problem. The   stakes should be high. If not, honestly, this is not a story worth   telling.  We want stories that are filled with tension, not ones withproblems that are easy to solve and overcome.  What fun is in that!

THE END:  This is where your story is resolved!  This is why we kept watching- to see how your story ends- happily, tragically, hopeful, regretful…etc.  However if your beginning and middle does not hook us from the start, no one will really care about how you end your story.


“In the end, we’ll all become stories.”  Margaret Atwood



The performing ARTS COACH-2               

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar




Right now, not later, you should do a Google search for acting classes in your area.  Do your research and start to consider what classes best fit your needs. Is there a specific technique you want to learn?  Is there a teacher you really want to work with?  If there are no classes appealing to you in the city where you live, no need to worry.  Go online and search for an online acting coach or online acting class.  Fortunately, technology has put acting classes right onto our computer screens.  Once you select your class, make a commitment to stick with it for 6 months.  After 6 months, if you feel the teacher and/or class is the right fit for your goals stick with it, or move on to the next.  But sign up for one today!  Do the research and make a commitment to train.  The greatest actors still continue their training way after their successes.  It is part of the job!

2. Build Your Personal BRAND and Create your Own Personal ACTOR’S WEBSITE! 

You can start showcasing the best you…TODAY!  How?  It’s easy!  By signing up for a website hosting service and designing your site.  This webpage will give you the opportunity to showcase what you do have right now to begin selling yourself as a brand!  There are tons of free blog sites you can find to help you start this.  Do not get caught up in getting this perfect.  You have plenty of time for that.  But do create it today!

3.  Create your SOCIAL MEDIA SITES:

Open up your Facebook, Twitter, Instragram  pages and whatever else is out there. Once you do that, now you can be active by sharing things about yourself and communicating with industry members in your field.  I cannot tell you how many actors make connections online with other actors, agents, directors and related industry members.  You can create your social media sites today and update them as you build your career!


Now, pencil in 1 hour every day that you dedicate to your acting business.  That’s right- 1 hour every day and commit to it.  They don’t call this show business for nothin’.  This is a business and that means it requires consistent efforts on your part to build. Now select 1 hour every day and then be prepared to work on: setting up auditions, reaching out to potential agents, working out, reading books on acting, eating healthy, watching plays,films and television shows, etc. Your job is to actively learn the business! Schedule 1 hour per day, and do it right NOW!

5.  Build your acting library and READ!

Order books today for your acting career.  Books I believe every actor should read include:  “Sanford Meisner on Acting”written by Sanford Meisner and Dennis Longwell

The Art Of Acting by Stella Adler.

“Audition” by Michael Shurtleff

“Respect for Acting” by Uta Hagen

“An Actor Prepares” by Constantin Stanislavsky.

These books will help you learn about what to expect as an actor. Now that you bought them- start reading one, today!

6.  Create a LIST of all the essential materials you will need to prepare to start your career.

Here is what your list should include:

getting headshot taken

creating an acting resume

creating a cover letter

creating a business card.

putting together a portfolio that contains your heashots, resume, cover letter and  business card- in one organized place. 


7.  Find an AGENT!

Begin your research today.  Start with googling Franchised SAG agents.  Once you start your research, create a list and begin marking down the ones you may be interested in working with.  Then, pull out your calendar and schedule specific times to send out your portfolio and set up meetings with potential agents.

8.  Make CONNECTIONS through EXTRA work!

One of the many great ways to do this is by signing up to do extra work.  Not only will you get paid, but it will allow you to connect with industry professionals.  Sign up today for Central Casting or Extras Management and start booking extra gigs.  But do it TODAY!

9.  Get yourself out there on CASTING SITES!

You can do this quickly and immediately.  Actually, I encourage you to do this today.  It’s easy.  To start, right now go and  sign up for:  Actors Access , LA Casting , and Now Casting .  These sites are not the only sites, but they are three good ones to start off with.  They all list big projects, but also list any student films and plays which are more likely to consider new, inexperienced actors like you.  So, sign up for an account today. Then, keep updating your profile with professional photos once you take them and add any new credits as you book them.  Just like that, today, you are getting yourself out there.  Also today, schedule a time in your calendar dedicated to submitting yourself to every project you are right for.  That’s right, every project- no matter how big or small.  If you land a student film, you have just added a credit to your resume! Also, going on every audition you get will give you experience.


Volunteering is a great way to create opportunities. Volunteer for your local theater company or intern for a theatre producer.  Volunteer on a student film and learn. Be willing to help for Free and watch how many doors you can open.  One way to do this today is by doing a google search on volunteer opportunities in theatre, film and television in your local community.  Or reach out to people you are connected with on social media.  Then, find a way your skills can help them on their current project and volunteer your time.  When I first moved to Los Angeles and discovered that I was more interested in being a director than an actress, I began volunteering to assist directors in theatrical productions.  I began assisting at auditions and signing actors in.  Then, I started helping them at rehearsals and taking notes for them.  I also did all their clerical work and would help them devise rehearsal schedules.  I volunteered so much that I created my own free education in directing.  When it came time for me to direct my own show, I had enough experience and knowledge to be respected and confident!  So volunteer in any way you can!  It is an education!The performing ARTS COACH-2


How can you ACT when you hate Auditioning?


You are an actor and you want to book your dream role, but these days you are finding it harder to have the patience to wait for it! Or, you are not willing to spend days going on audition after audition and getting rejected over and over again!  Can you relate to this?

If so, Write Your Own Work!  Now a days, because of the internet, actors can create their own work.

In 2009, I did this!  I co-wrote a play with Brad Gottfred called:  Marry, F*** or Kill.  I IMG_9872then went on to co-produce/direct and star in the show at The Avery Schreiber Theater in Los Angeles where we experienced a sold out run!  Because of our over night success, I then went on to NYC and produced the show Off Broadway for a successful 4 month run!  I then realized I would always write my own work.  I found a talent in writing that I never knew existed until I dabbled in it and fell in love with the process.

You can do this too!  You want to act now:  Create Your Own Work:

A.  Produce your own play!  Find a script that you love, and produce it at a local theater.

B.  Write your own play!  If you need help doing this:  register for my online playwriting class called:  LET’S WRITE A PLAY:  The First Draft.  theperformingartscoach.com

C.  Write your own screenplay or webisode, and then film it!

Here are some inspirational Stories of Actors I personally know who Created Their Own Opportunities!

  1.  Candace Guardino has a successful show that has ran in NYC, Los Angeles andIMG_9869 now Chicago called  ITALIAN BRED, a hysterical comedy about growing up with a New York, Italian Family.  Guardino  based her story on true life events and plays every character in her family in this impressive one woman show!  Check out her article “HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN WORK” in Backstage and read about Guardino’s secrets to writing!  https://www.backstage.com/advice-for-actors/the-working-actor/how-create-your-own-work/   If you are in Chicago, check out ITALIAN BRED!

2. Heather Dowling, creator of  “Unemployed. Finally. is the story of a woman IMG_9870who tried on more than 30 jobs, in 30 years before finally doing what everyone said she couldn’t. As Heather Dowling says, she is an actress and writer who impersonated someone who wanted a “real job” since she was 14. She has now surrendered to her passion for writing and performing. In her show, she dishes the dirt about the odd jobs and oddballs she’s encountered along her journey – bringing to life 39 different characters.”  Dowling said, “I learned that telling your story, with honesty and humor, really can make a difference for people. I was amazed at how many people loved the show because they could relate in ways I never expected. That’s what I had hoped for, but I was overwhelmed by the response.”  Dowling’s show was so exceptional and well received in Los Angeles, that she went on to NYC and ran her show Off Broadway.  I had the opportunity to work with Heather when she first arrived to Los Angeles and auditioned for CLUE, which I was directing and producing. I remember her being extremely honest with me about her lack of experience, but that did not stop me for casting her in the role of Mrs. White in CLUE!  I saw a light in her and a passion that sparked which interested me and made me want to work with her!  Since then, she has gone on to accomplish so much!  I am thrilled by her success.

3.  Stacy Ann Raposa, the creator of a Solo Performance class called Bare Naked Angels, IMG_9871“…a four-month discovery process during which she guides actors through writing assignments and exercises in order to teach them how to create their own autobiographical pieces.”  I had the opportunity to take part in Stacy’s show back in 2008 and it was transformational.  Stacy guides her performers in daily writing exercise in which they submit to her weekly.  After 12 weeks, Stacy takes each performer’s writing and weaves together their personal stories to create a unified show!  It is a riveting experience for all!

I hope these 3 talented and fearless women can inspire you to go out there and Create Your Own Work!  We all have a story, and no one has heard yours yet!  So, what are you waiting for?  For coaching on Creating Your Own Work:  Consider working with me as I guide you on how to develop your own work- at theperformingartscoach.com . 




“A man who refuses to admit his mistakes can never be successful.”  Proverbs 28:1  IMG_9815

DEALING WITH CRITICISM is the name of a chapter in Julia Cameron’s book: The Artist’s Way!  If you have not read her book yet, I highly suggest it.

Hey you!  You want to be an artist! Then you must prepare yourself for critique!

Criticism is your friend.  It is!  It is sometimes hard to hear it, but if you look at it as a way to relieve you, and not as something that can destroy you- criticism will help you reach higher places!  It will.

Now, I don’t want to lie- criticism can feel shaming, especially when it is regarding our art- our creative soul.  Therefore, it is important to learn who to receive criticism from.  Anyone who is nasty, insensitive and irresponsible with their words should not be on your criticism list.   I have seen artists never take the stage or pick up the pen again, because they were so wounded by abusive criticsm.  Know your worth and who to share your art with.  

Through the years, I have learned to love criticism.  As a playwright, having some trusted people in my life to read my plays and tell me what worked for them and what didn’t has been God sent!  I need criticism!  It helps me grow.  IMG_9814

However, I also have experienced hurtful criticsm, even at times when I was not asking for it.  Here is my personal opinion:  anyone who has something mean spirited to say to you- is really not talking about you- they are dealing with some incompletion in themselves.  Or, they’re just ASSHOLES!  Sorry, but I had to say it!


1.Determine if the criticism is Constructive or Destructive!

Once you do, you can choose whether to listen or not!

2.  React Calmy

Remember, whatever the critique is, it is only an opinion- not the truth.  You can choose to take the criticism and make a change in your work, or just accept what was said and move on.  You are still in control and reacting calmly to someone’s else’s opinion maintains your professionalism and confidence.

3.  Admit your MistakesIMG_9813

If someone is pointing out a mistake- and you know it is true, just admit it.  It’s freeing!  You are human, and you are also lucky to have someone to help you see where your mistakes are.  Now you can improve your work and get it to be where it must be!

4.  Enjoy the Process

If creativity was all fun and games, everyone would be an artist.  It is hard and confronting, and only a small few can handle the creative journey. Enjoy the criticism and fall in love with failing.  It is when you fail that you learn your most important lessons, and without critique, it is hard sometimes to assess where you are at in the process!

5.  Be Kind to Your Critic

I am an acting coach and director.  Therefore, it is my job to give feedback and critique my actor’s work.  It is hard to give honest criticism, so be nice to your critic.  If they want the best for you, they are critiquing you with love!  I promise!

“Artists who seek perfection in everything  are those who cannot attain it in anything.”   ~EUGENE DELACROIX